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Keep an eye on operations around the clock.

Continuous improvement–it’s an integral part of lean manufacturing and so is Patrick Engine Connect®. The Ecosystem will keep you in touch whether you are on the other side of the plant or the other side of the planet. Measurements are sent to the cloud 24/7, and you can access them from anywhere using your computer or handheld device.The democratization of work is powered by digital ecosystems. Patrick Engine is one of them. Our hard work considers how we might undertake business in the future.

Clearly define vision will create a roadmap for the employee.

Patrick Engine Connect

Empowering employees to enjoy the way
they work.

The first step in empowering employees is to give them something to get excited about. The Patrick Engine Connect has been developed in house and delivers powerful features covering machine up-time, historical, OEE reporting, TPM compleation and is intergraded with in the ecosyatem. That means every Patrick Engine Next work-order or Patrick Engine Base inventory Web Content Management, integrated Document Management, Multi-site Management, Workflow, Forms Suite, Social Collaboration, Enterprise Search and more.

This process involves developing key alignment, defining deliverables, identifying change management requirements, and defining project outcomes.

All about the data

Patrick Engine Next

User-friendly work order management and preventive maintenance modules allow users to submit, track, modify, and close out works orders digitally, instead of shuffling through cumbersome paper-based systems.

Exclusively for Patrick Employees

No More
Eliminating paper-based systems

Accessible anytme and anywhere

House all asset and equipment info, resource/ vendor contacts, and inventory info in your database, including ID tags, equipment images, serial numbers, O&M manuals, spec sheets, warranty info, spare parts quantities, and much more! 

PAGES Admin Dashboard DESIGN

Bands as thoughtfully
designed as the watch itself.

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Stay informed with notifications from your favorite apps and details Pages

keeps you up to date

Most dashboards have a huge menu next to it's content, which consumes a significant amount of space, effecting the UX negatively. We came up with a quick menu.that is hidden and only comes when you need it.

Patrick Engine App DESIGN

In your hand or on your wrist. Patrick Engine App is where you are.

Patrick Engine App provides complete visibility into the performance of jobs, machines, and people. Manufacturers are able to improve operations, maximize OEE, and increase production.

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Find and Fix

Repeat Problems

Historical performance reporting provides insight into patterns, problems that occur, and performance over time. This allows managers to change processes and fix those problems. 

With instant notifications, real-time dashboards and historical Pareto reporting we now can turn lean manufacturing into reality. This added transparency at the plant floor is helping Patrick increase OEE and production rates by over 20%.


Self-Management and Satisfaction

Employees get live feedback on the performance of their work. 


can understand when employees are meeting expectations and give recognition or help when there is a need.

No Need

for employees to manually record data or input it by hand or for managers to process that data to make it meaningful and actionable.

Icon Fonts, Vector SVG's, pages vector icons, Font awesome., Retina Ready.


Keep Track Of Time

There is a new plant-wide report called "timelines". This allows you to look at machine utilization (in-cycle, idle, unavailable) for all machines on the same page. Similar to the existing timeline view, but for many machines and without faults and parts.

Troubleshoot problems with a timeline that displays every event as it happened with the ability to categorize downtimes.

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